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This Beautiful Shoot Of A Trans Woman And Her Husband Is Removing All The Labels From Love

If love is the force that binds us all, equality is the glue that holds love together. Now, imagine if somebody (read: society) told you that you didn’t have the right to feel any of the above! Yes, many communities in India have been meted out with such subjugations because their sexual orientation is different than what they were born with.
While cynics, including the lawmakers, have shown their aversion to this ‘perversion’, Anu Pattnaik, a photographer chose to share the story of India’s first couple who admitted that one of the partners was a transgender and the pictures speak for themselves. 

Meet, Madhuri Sarode and Jay Sharma who are leading us with examples.

1. Their story is not only inspiring but empowering for several others in the same shoes.

2. A story of a couple who fought all odds to be together

3. Thanks to love that had big plans!

4. The beautiful couple got married in December, last year and showed the world the power of love.

5. But their journey for a marriage certificate is exceptional and for the books!

6. It was Jay who damned the society and expressed his love to Madhuri first.

7. And ever since their love has muted all forms of retreats. 

8. Isn’t it beautiful? What love can achieve…solace and solitude in embrace

9. Madhuri’s laugh says it all

10. And her gaze!

11. When love takes over!

12. I’m convinced, there is nothing more beautiful than love

13. Especially with the mirth that stays around…

14. Of course, it isn’t going to be a bed of roses

15. But they have each other

And our wishes. May this be the beginning of your eternity together, Madhuri and Jay. Thank you for standing for the ones without a voice.

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