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This Belgium Choco Festival Is Where You Should Be Spending Your V-Day…Single Or Not!

Chocolate is a poison of choice for most of us out there.
It is a guilty indulgence for most of us on cheat days and even on normal days as we give up. There are many chocolate festivals held around the world that showcase local chocolate makers’ talent.
But the mega-event in Brussels, Belgium is a paradise for all chocolate lovers out there!
Started on 1th of Feb, the festival goes beyond the usual chocolate preparations. The festival even shows complete dresses made out of chocolate.
Check the chocovaganza out!

1. Wonder what happens to the dress after the show!

2. Delicious

3. “Can I take one of the choco pieces, ma’am?”

4. Some dresses even melted on the models

5. The festival you should visit with a valentine

6. Chocolate shoes

7. Even the walls are adorned with chocolate!

8. Yes, you can taste free samples too!

9. This is heaven!

10. Awesome statuettes made of chocolates

11. They even showed 3D printed chocolates!

12. That’s a work of art!

13. Another reason this festival can be a substitute for Paris this Valentine’s Day!

14. Dark chocolate tree!

Now you know where to visit the next year for a choco-vacation!
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