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This Bride And Groom Taking Saat Pheras With Their Dog Is Going to Be ME At My Wedding Day

They say, a dog is man’s best friend and I’ll be damned if I say the same! No, no I’m not a cat person (although, I think they’re pretty kickass) but dogs, in every possible way, are a far more superior breed than we humans will ever be. Now, don’t pick fights with me but if I could, I would just go ahead and hand the reigns of the world to these four-legged adorable creatures.

And if you really need a reason, I’ll give you one. While every shaadi is a beautiful dream come true in itself, Mansi’s was extra special because her ball of fur, Sultan, gave her away. Just not that, decked up in a golden sherwani, the dog took the ceremonial saat pheras along with the bride and groom! No kidding. This video uploaded by CollarFolk, has since then gone viral with over 100,000 views (and counting) in just two days. Well, honestly, I’m not surprised!

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