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This Cop Learned To Drive A Rickshaw In One Night To Brilliantly Catch A Murderer In A Trap

You can scream about corrupt cops all you want, but there are some cops out there who are not just honest but also smart and come up with brilliant techniques to catch criminals.

Sanjay Viren Swami aka Pardi had recently murdered a 50-year-old watchman Ganesh Khillare in Khadakpada, Mumbai. Pardi was wanted by the cops for murder but had escaped arrest and was absconding.

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Pardi hails from Shirdi and was escaping arrest for the past one year. The police knew that they would need something more to nab this slippery criminal.
Someone tipped the police off that Pardi has a girlfriend.

And it was his girlfriend who told the police that Pardi loves to travel in an auto. Inspectors Hemant Dhole, Dinesh Sonawane told constable Sadashiv Devre to learn to ride an auto overnight, and he did.

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And the rest was simple. Pardi just walked into the trap. On the day he was supposed to meet his girlfriend, he took the auto the constable was driving.
The police just followed the auto and Pardi was caught. On further investigation, the police found out that Pardi was involved in another case of murder and kidnapping!

Thane Police commissioner awarded the Inspectors and the constables for their exemplary work.

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Yes, there are problems with our law enforcement system, but there are still good cops who take their jobs seriously and do their work efficiently.
And we need to tell their stories too!
Kudos to Inspectors Hemant Dhole, Dinesh Sonawane, and constable Sadashiv Devre for nabbing the dangerous criminal!
News Source – Mid Day

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