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This Guy’s Friends Held A Funeral For Him Because He Got Into A Relationship. LOL!

We all have friends who, at least once make us think –
“With friends like these, who needs enemies.”
In a funny way, obviously. Be it the birthday bumps or the elaborate pranks, friends make our life memorable!
And we always miss hanging out with that one friend who suddenly gets into a relationship. They suddenly do not have time anymore and we rarely see them because they are so busy making out with their significant other.
Adam Milner became one of these people. He got into a relationship and suddenly his friends missed him dearly, and they expressed it in a very weird but hilarious way!

Adam Milner’s friends literally held a funeral memorial for him after he got a girlfriend. If you cannot believe it, take a look.

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It was attended by all his friends who supposedly called him a ‘fallen soldier and missed him dearly

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There is also a VIDEO of the sermon presided by a ‘priest’. You can watch the whole funeral sermon here –

How did Adam take it? He was amused as all of us would be, and posed for a picture with them after the sermon, and promised that he ‘would look after them from above’.

Image source

In all seriousness, what a real tragic loss!
Source – Ben Hull

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