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This Husband Covered His Wife’s Room With 7000 Post-It Notes And Wrote On EACH ONE OF THEM

We all have that one boastful friend who claims to have the best gift to give his or her significant other on Valentines Day. Some boast about the perfect mix tape, some the perfect date, some say they’ll take them to the most expensive club while others take joy in simpler things in life. However, none of them has even come close to what this guy did.

Jennifer Brinley, an elementary school teacher had no idea what she was in for when she left for work in the morning on Valentines Day. When she came back home, her husband had covered their bedroom in 7,000 post-it notes each with a cute message. 

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Even if you put together all the effort I have put into Valentines Day every year throughout my life, this guy has done better.

Here’s a preview of the messages written on some of those post-it notes for your viewing pleasure:

1. That’s the most genuine compliment I’ve read in a while.

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2. So protective.

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3. This has to be the cutest way to describe sex.

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4. Awwwwwww!

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I don’t usually get mushy about stuff but c’mon… this guy took the time to write sweet messages on 7,000 post-it notes and even stuck them up to form a lovely wallpaper.


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Do it already!
Source: Elite Daily

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