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This Pakistani Guy Tried To Troll Indians. We Gave Him Back Using His Own Language

Since Independence, India and Pakistan have always been at the loggerheads.The relations between the neighboring countries have always been hostile. Indians are very aggressive towards the Pakistan for supporting terrorism activities.
Social media has been a medium for the residents of both the countries to take down on each other. In the middle of such tension, a Pakistani guy tried to troll India. However, Indians couldn’t let him go so easily. Indians gave him back using his own language.Little did he knew, that he would be trolled back by the Indian Twitterati.

This is the Screenshot of the tweet posted by the Pakistani Guy

However, Indians didn’t hold up and responded in his own language

.@AndColorPockeT @SmokingSkills_ @Ghazzuu @mahnoor Wen U guys get electricity this month & manage to read this tweet;keep in mind last one!๐Ÿ˜‚

Twitter has become a harbor for all the trolls It is a place where people respond very quickly to any tweet. So this Pakistani guy who tried to troll India was trolled back in return. it would be better to say he got to taste his own medicine.

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