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This Photographer Clicks Superhero Action Figures In Super Funny And Epic Poses. LOL!

The fact that you opened this article says that you are a nerd like me who spends a lot of time watching superhero and science-fiction movies and can give an hour-long lecture on why Batman is better than Iron Man (with all due respect to both Mr Stark and Iron Man).
Japanese photographer hotkenobi (not related to Obi wan kenobi, I guess) creates amazing fictional worlds with action figures from DC, Marvel (and sometimes even Micky mouse and Pikachu) coming together and having some fun.
Check out this compilation of his amazing work.

1. Who never skips leg day? BATMAN 😉

2. A little jealous, Mr Wayne, er, Batman?

3. Ooh LA LA 😉

4. Something strange? 

5. So what if Batman is not around?

6. Too windy for you, Mr Wader?

7. Turns out Thor is not the only GOD in this picture

8. Not-in-star wars

9. Gotta catch ’em all

10. I don’t think this would do much harm 

11. Now this would be an awesome partnership


13. Picture perfect

14. So this is what actually happened

15. Hey D’pool, Spidey wanna drive, too

16. Apparently, Deadpool isn’t a great storyteller

17. Not the Mario and Luigi I remember

18. “Puny superhero”

19. When your dog just doesn’t want you to leave 

20. Hey Batman, look around, you seem a little lost

Now I really, really want these action figures.
H/T: Demilked

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