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This Photographer With Sleep Paralysis Recreates His Nightmares In Terrifying Detail

Sleep paralysis is a condition wherein you are temporarily unable to move or speak. It tends to occur just before you are about to enter the REM cycle (deep sleep) or before you are about to wake up. When your mind is active but you’re unable to move, you end up experiencing some of your most horrifying nightmares in vivid detail, helplessly.

Nicolas Bruno, a 22-year-old photographer has been suffering from this terrifying ordeal for over 7 years. In order to make the world aware of this ghastly disease, he decided to illustrate some of his worst nightmares in his latest photo series: 

1. Helpless, blind, in the face of a thousand arrow heads.

2. Make the voices stop.

3. A scorching bed with no escape.

4. Ships from deep waters reeling you in.

5. Drowning, while desperately clinging onto a ladder to nowhere.

6. Desperately trying to breathe inside a drowning coffin

7. Trapped and terrified.

8. Helplessly waiting for the worst to happen.

9. The mind is awake but the body does not comply.

10. Facing death but unable to pull away.

11. Caged, suffocating, desperate to survive.

12. Death is just a moment away.

Sleep paralysis is a truly terrifying experience. Just imagine being fearful of falling asleep every night, no way of knowing what fresh horrors are in store for you.
H/T: Boredpanda

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