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This Restaurant In Hyd Charged Rs 20 Extra On Water Bottle! Customer’s Next Step Gave Them A Blow!

Often we see that stores or restaurants overcharge us for mineral water; even at public places like stations or bus stand, bottles are sold at double the price. Is this practice fair? No, it is definitely not! So, what should be done in order to stop this practice? People have tried out many ways, but they fail to realize that they can actually sue the seller for violating the “Fair Trade Practice”, just like this man from Hyderabad did.

Ch.Kondaiah, a resident of Hyderabad sued a hotel after he was charged Rs 40 for a mineral water bottle that had an MRP of Rs.20. We are talking of hotel Sarvi, which had to pay a heavy price for this practice.
The man dragged the owners of hotel Sarvi to court and luckily, the decision was given in his favor; the hotel was asked to pay a fine of Rs 20,000 for overcharging him.
When Kondaiah asked the manager of the hotel as to why is the bottle being sold for double the price, he was surprised to get the answer “It’s a common practice”. During the hearing, the hotel highlighted the law of “Principles of Hospitality”, according to which customers can’t complain for the prices being charged in the menu card.
However, in its ruling, the court stated

“The opposite party is entitled to fix any rate and maintain a menu card with the price list for the food products prepared by them, but in no way they have any authority to charge a rate above the MRP rate for packaged goods.”
Moreover, overpricing also violated the Legal Metrology (packaged commodities) Rules 2011 law. Now, the hotel has been asked to pay a sum of Rs 20,000 to the complainant.
This is indeed a good lesson for all other hotels who sell products at double or triple their prices! So guys, if you find any restaurant or store who is overcharging you for packaged products, you can easily take action.
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