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This Short Film Featuring Riya Sen Shows True Face Of The Cruel World In Which We Are Living

Love and trust are important aspects of a relationship and if any of the two decreases, it affects the other one too. What’s more, their importance increases to a great extent if we talk about married couples. Agree?
Here we present a short film which talks about a couple who has no love left in their relationship and in the moments of anger, they also think of killing each other.
Sometimes, life can give you shocks especially when you find that people whom you love are your biggest enemies and till now, you were just unaware of their intentions and when you got to know, it is already too late.
The video depicts the story of two ladies; one of them is finding it difficult to understand what has happened with her while the other is trying to make her understand and show the reality. Riya Sen’s short film is a MUST WATCH for youngsters; you just can’t miss out on her evil avatar. There are moments in the movie might give you goosebumps so, be ready for it. Talking about ratings, this short film surely deserves 9 out of 10.
Watch The Short Film Featuring Beautiful Riya Sen To Understand How Strange And Cruel The World Is!

Click here to watch this video directly on YouTube
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