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This Short Film Shows Why ‘Going With The Flow’ Is THE Solution To Most Of Our Problems!

Life is fun when you go with the flow.
Sometimes you need to take a casual day off from the hectic work schedule and go chill with friends over beer. Or just take a leap of faith for a blind date. Or just pack a bag and go trekking with your buddies and relax in the lap of nature. Do anything your heart tells you to do. Because you never know what might happen. You might spot an exotic butterfly during your trek, you might have the time of your life with the casual hangout with friends. Who knows, the blind date might be the one.
And that’s what this beautiful film portrays. Yes, maybe you are destined to be something or be with that someone. But the journey to that destination is not set. You can do anything, and be anyone, or just go with the flow and let life take you through an adventure.
Brilliantly acted out by Naveen Kasturia and Gunjan Malhotra, the film emphasises on how you can make a normal day into an extraordinary one.
Watch and be amused with what life brings you.

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