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This Video Of Indian Dare Couple Will Blow Your Mind

Befikre Video
Befikre, an Indian Romcom was released last to last month. It was one of the most awaited movies since the audience were going to see a fresh Jodi on the silver screen. And we all know about Ranveer’s acting. He can pull off any role. But the movie failed to show its magic at the box office. Though it was a big flop, its songs compensated for the rest.
Befikre Video
The movies’ songs got millions of views in just one day on YouTube. And the best of all was Ude Dil Befikre which was the title track. It showed the Befikre side of Vaani and Ranveer and proved the title of the movie. We saw them dancing without caring about others, trying weird things, wearing awkward clothes and doing things.

Seeing them perform in a foreign nation really got our adrenaline going. After the official video was released, many people and YouTubers also posted their video performing on Ude Dil Befikre. They performed just like the hot couple and did the dance very well.
Befikre Video
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Out of them all, a video was released by a couple, now known as the Indian Dare Couple who performed on the song. They performed it so well that it made us think that they were actual Ranveer and Vaani. The video is actually a tribute to Ranveer and Vaani for their awesome performance in the movie.
Befikre Video
Source : SantaBanta.com
From clothes to their steps, everything was the same. Not only the ‘Free Slaps’ scene but the scene in which they stole from a shop were also copied. The difference was just of the country. Except for the location, every concept has been taken from the actual video.
What’s new about the video?
All the dares in the video are real. No, take or cut shot. They are performed in real locations and under real circumstances. The situations are totally real. The actual song was shot in Paris whereas the spoof was shot in India. It was really interesting to see a couple performing just like our Indian actors.
Here is the video: –
They nailed it! We just can’t stop watching the video again and again. Fans are also going crazy over it. It is a tribute to Ranveer Singh, Vaani Kapoor, Aditya Chopra, Team YRF and to all the people who dare to LIVE.
Befikre Video
NOTE: – The video was in no way for an enforced or post-release promotion of the film. But a sole attempt to personally connect with the message of the song and movie.

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