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This Woman Followed GPS Directions! GPS Asked Her To Drive Into Lake & She Did It! Smart Or Fool?

Smartphones are actually making people dull. This statement doesn’t need any explanation as there are people who completely justify it. In a recent such incident, a woman while driving her car in Canada with the help of her smartphone’s GPS system, ended up landing her car in a lake.

This is what happened exactly!

The woman was driving her red Toyota Yaris in Tobermory when she missed a right turn and drove straight into a boat launch that led to the Georgian Bay.
The 23-year-old woman wasn’t well accustomed of the area she was driving through and thus needed some assist to reach her destination. It was raining heavily and thus, the visibility was too poor. Owing to the poor visibility, she missed a right turn and ended up driving straight in the lake!

Thankfully, the brain of that woman was still good enough to rescue her from that uncanny situation!

According to the police report, the momentum of the car carried it past the shore as it sunk below the surface. The temperature of water was below 40 degrees Fahrenheit that made it all the more difficult for the woman to escape. Her cellphone was still inside the car and that only added to her already long list of miseries. However, she somehow managed to pull it off. The woman swam across a distance of about 100-feet before reaching a local hotel from where she called for some help.
This is not the first time GPS has landed people in deep water. In 2011, GPS helped a group of women land their SUV in a lake near Seattle. In 2012, a group of Japanese tourists in Australia went a step ahead and landed themselves in the Pacific Ocean!
Crazy, wasn’t it? Do let us know your thoughts about our ever increasing dependence on smartphone technologies in our comments section below.

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