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Twitter Reacts To WhatsApp’s New ‘Status’ Feature And They Are Brutally High-On-Sarcasm!

Image result for Twitter Reacts To WhatsApp New ‘Status’So, Indians woke up to the new ‘WhatsApp Status’ feature. It’s nothing new but the Snapchat’s story feature incorporated in the messenger app. *eyerolls* Facebook added the same feature to its acquired company Instagram, some time back. When Facebook did the same to it’s acquired instant messaging app, WhatsApp, it became the fodder for Twitter trolls. Naturally!
Tweeple went ballistic on the new update and here are some GOLD reactions that are sending us in splits.

1. Uh-oh!

2. Sahil Shah is basically us!

Forget a dissapearing status...what's the procedure to dissapear from your Whatsapp family group without them finding out?

3. Keeping up with the ‘Bik Gayi Hain Gormint’ trend!

4. Going desi!

5. Oh, shit!

Mark Zuckerberg is like the parent who dresses all his kids in the same clothes. 

6. Seems kinda true!

Whats App is that kid who tries really hard to fit in ,tsk!

7. That cribbing is so relatable.

You think you were gona wakeup to a regular day but no it's whatsapp kam snapchat day.Why would thy do this to us.I want my  back.

8. Gareebon ka Snapchat.

Whatsapp just launch a new function of story...
and we Garib people like...
"Baa Apne Log Ka Snapchat Aa Gya😂😜😂

9. But is it a happy family?

Snapchat stories got married to instagram memories and exactly after nine months here comes whatsapp status stories.

10. That confusion.

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