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Watch How This Badass Woman Thrashed A Police Officer In Public For Passing Vulgar Comments

On a normal day, a corrupt police officer can get away with anything. Be it asking for bribe, driving without a helmet or intimidating a normal citizen.
But not today.
A woman in Ahmedabad gave Assistant Sub-Inspector, Amrutji Khatuji a good public thrashing because he made some lewd remarks about her in broad daylight.

The woman, a vegetable vendor was going about her daily business when the drunk cop approached her and passed vulgar comments. The woman did not think twice before slapping the cop multiple times in public.

A huge crowd gathered around the spectacle and encouraged the woman. The woman dragged the cop by the collar to the road and started slapping him for 20 minutes straight.
The incident also exposed the police-alcohol bootlegger nexus, because the cop had visited the illegal liquor den before he appeared at the location of the molestation.

The video of the woman thrashing the police officer went viral to the point that the Joint Commissioner of Police, D B Vaghela had to step in to control the situation. He suspended the ASI with immediate effect.

The Commissioner has also initiated a departmental inquiry against every policeman in the area.
It’s time the police pulls up its socks and prevents such incidences of embarrassments that only end up ruining their image.
All said and done, it was a brave act by the vegetable vendor to stand up for her dignity. Forget a policeman, no man should be able to speak vulgar things and walk away scot-free.
News Source – The Times Of India

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