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We Challenge You To Sleep After Reading These 13 Creepy As Hell Short Stories

That's the oldest trick in the book to scare somebody off, and while it still might work for some, we aren't talking about the usual scares here. Here, you are in for some major chills! 

And some people have proved that it only takes a couple of words to do that. They don't have abandoned mansions in the middle of a forest. Neither are they part of some group of adventurous idiots who are on a mission to get killed. 
These are words, but they're strong and creepy enough to take your sleep away.
Can you deal with these short-stories? Tread at your own risk!

Story by blaqkmagick

Story by Skuppy

Sourced from 9gag

Story by assbutt

Story by AnarchistWaffles 

Story by marino1310

Story by razzliox

Story by guztaluz

Story by harshcougar

Story was on Reddit

Story by spongemonster

Story by Graboid27

Story by thatreevesgirl

Have a good night. 
Well, you can try!

Spooky designs by Utkarsh Tyagi

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