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What is the dark web and why is everyone so scared of discussing it?

What is the dark web and why is everyone so scared of discussing it?
The internet can be a scary place. Yes, there’s cat videos and viral pandas, but there are a bunch of other creepy things that float under the surface. There’s way more to it than what meets the eye.
There exists a darker, sinister side of the web which is divided into two categories- deep web and dark web.
The ‘deep web’ is the web content that exists in websites that are inaccessible by your regular search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Nothing creepy here, it contains government databases and legal forums. These sites have intentionally never been spidered or listed by Google or other servers.
These harmless links for example are regular deep web sites:
Now the ‘dark web’ is a small part of the Deep Web and requires special software to access. You can’t browse these sites on browsers like Chrome, IE etc. There are several other softwares to access them, TOR being the most popular.
Here’s a basic depiction of the entire thing:
You’re probably wondering what will you find in these uncharted waters. First of all, the dark web is a place one should never visit. Why? It’s the most gruesome part of the Internet.
This is what you will find there- live murders, tortures, drug markets, hitmen markets where people hire assassins to kill people. And this is just the surface of the illegal online world. There are criminals, groups like ISIS looking to recruit members, hackers and gory forums we can’t even begin to describe. You do not want to be there.
If it’s illegal, it’s on the dark web.
The question here is- if there is so much criminal activity, why isn’t the entire thing shut down? The answer remains simple:
Dark web browsers were designed to used by the military/navy to send out cryptic information and hence the IP address remain hidden. Even if they see something illegal, it becomes very difficult for the police to detect where the activity happened unless they latch on to some clue.
Here are some screenshots of the eerie sites:
Silk road, an online drug cartel on the dark web, was shut down by the cops in 2015.
Armory, a store selling illegal weapons, has not been seized till date.
It’s also a home to snuff films, which as defined by Urban dictionary are movies where the actors actually end up getting murdered while shooting. Yes, they are killed in real life while their murder scene is being shot in the movie.
The main point to remember is to not get into illegal stuff. Keep in mind, looking for illegal things can get you some hefty jail-time.
Stay safe
(All images are taken from Wikipedia/Urban dictionary)

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