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What's really going on with Ben Affleck

Blake Edwards
Ben Affleck isn't having the easiest time lately. His career has taken a few hits, and his personal life doesn't seem to be doing any better. What's going on with the Oscar winner, and can he turn it around?

His marriage may be over
Affleck and his wife of 10 years, actress Jennifer Garner, separated in 2015, but neither one has made any moves to file for divorce—not even after he allegedly had a fling with their nanny. That may change soon. In February 2017, Us Weekly reported that Garner was finally ready to file and that Affleck had moved out of the Brentwood, Calif. home the couple had shared even after their split. "No matter what happens, Ben and Jen are committed to raising their family as one unit and will continue to do so as it has worked for them," a source said. "They are both committed to their family."

..or maybe not

Other sources claimed the couple's situation has remained stagnant and Affleck is still living on the property. "There have been times when a reconciliation looked very likely," an insider told E! News. "They love each other and that hasn't changed. But it's unclear what the future holds for them…The spirit of their relationship has not changed…There wasn't a big blowout. It's a fluid situation."

Another source echoed that sentiment to Entertainment Tonight. "Not one thing has changed. Their friendship is there. They are so die-hard committed to co-parenting. Whatever form this relationship is, they'll always have love for each other, and the love they have for their kids is so strong, they won't let anything bring that down," the insider said. "They both have done things they're not proud of and in no way was Ben a shining husband, but there are a lot of things that go into a marriage and a split. They put together their plans and goals, in terms of their friendship and their relationship, and they're doing just that. Whatever this new normal that they created for their family is, they're doing it."

Indeed, in July 2016, it looked like the potential divorce was on hold, with a source telling People, "They're still figuring things out. Ben doesn't want the divorce and he might actually get his way."

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