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When This MOM Found A CONDOM Packet In Her Daughter’s Bag What MOM Did Was EPIC!

How would you react if one fine day your daughter came home and she had a pack of condoms in her bag. You would be shocked, right?
Well, something similar happened in this Video as well.
This girl was carrying a pack of Condoms as a Prank in her bag to shock her Mom.

And, true to expectations as soon as this Mom found out the condoms in her daughters bag, she began to slap her daughter and got angry.
She even accused her daughter of breaking her trust completely. At this point the daughter informed her mom that this was just a prank which was being recorded for a your tube channel.
You guys won’t believe that this awesome video has been shared over 5 lakh times on Youtube. If you enjoy the video, do not forget to share this link.

A YouTube channel PunkFunk uploaded this video, and the video has more than 2.1 million likes.

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