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Who Is This #MadNomad Traveller ‘Cemora’ Whom Celebrities Can’t Stop Talking About?

Bitten by the travel bug? Or secretly wish to be bitten? Well, we all have been there. The wanderlust in us takes control and leaves us with the urge to see new things, new places and to come across new faces. Till the day comes when you pack your bag and just leave, you gotta satiate your desire by either looking at travelogues, reading travel blogs or maybe by a li’l stalking of Instagram travel diaries. I prefer the last one, TBH.
While discovering Insta hashtags related to travelling to one of my dream places, I chanced upon #MadNomad aka Cemora. And, it was much to my surprise that she’s living the travel-thug life to the fullest. And, you know what? She’s been sending travel postcards to celebrities from exotic locations, which are edgy, witty and high-on-pun.
But who’s this girl who hopes, dreams, travels and tweets about it? Time to figure out who Cemora is.

1. Ok! She’s in for one helluva ride and #RoadTrippin, like a boss!

2. She sent a postcard from London to Soha Ali Khan with a personal anecdote. And, Soha’s been following her travels! (Friends, huh?)

3. She had one amazing post-wish for Suresh Raina for the 2019 World Cup who thanked her! (She’s friends with crème de la crème from cricketing field too.)

4. Cemora had a punny postcard for funnyman Tanmay Bhat. (Nice!)

Who went all ‘kya baat hai’ over it!
Oho kya baat Cemora. You’re painting London red! Follow Karo @one_miss_wander ko Aur dekho what this  is upto! https://twitter.com/one_miss_wander/status/831163582201098241 
@thetanmay Dhanyawad! :D Yaa everything is red today on the roads here!  

5. That #EuroTrip looks so dreamy 😍

6. Our ‘Naam Shabana’ girl, Taapsee Pannu missed her. (She gets invited to screenings and stuff. Cool!)

Will miss you at my movie screening tomorrow,Cemora.But you’re busy hanging out with real royalty ;)Guys, follow @one_miss_wander https://twitter.com/one_miss_wander/status/831501103971913728 
@taapsee I'll always be there with you in spirit <3 Royalty got nothing on you babe...

7. Sorabh Pant recalled his just-missed London experience. (She indulges in friendly banters with famous comics.)

Tried to do London last year. Didn't work out :(. Soon!
Follow @one_miss_wander and see what this  is upto! https://twitter.com/one_miss_wander/status/831181414708211712 
@hankypanty Oh I hope you are in shape to do a show here now? :P 
@one_miss_wander yes. Ready. Walking to airport now :). 
@hankypanty I might just make a brexit by then ;) See you around!

8. We all love how Ravindra Jadeja’s parody account helmer is always punny.

Dear @one_miss_wander Always Have Food On Time & Don't Talk To Strangers Or Mamma Will Be Angry. https://twitter.com/one_miss_wander/status/828925026145492992 
She even gave Sir Jadeja a sneak-peak into the sights and sounds of Italy, who was hoping for exactly that.

Hey @SirJadeja you wanted the sights and sounds from Italy... Here you go... BTW I prefer the sound more than the sight ;) 

9. Bani J wishes for another tattoo, but got a Roman holiday postcard! (Cemora is in Bani’s girl gang? 😮)

Thinking of getting a new tattoo, What say Cemora... when are you getting yours? @one_miss_wander 

Well @bani_j I’d like to think that I’m already a work of art, but I think I can suggest a great artist. :P  

10. On a trip herself, Parineeti Chopra gave a shoutout to Cemora. 😎

Pari got a Spanish thank you in return.

11. Giving a sample of her holiday fun to Kriti Sanon, Cemora sent her an insta-video.

And, got a thumbs up from the ‘Heropanti’ gal.

So here’s all that we know about Cemora — she’s an explorer and has an eye for detail, she hobnobs with celebrities from all walks of life who love her. She’s quite witty and this girl is giving us serious travel goals. 🙌

But still, I want to see that face behind the lens. 🙈 Like this guy.

Hey, Cemora! Why don’t you put up a selfie soon or maybe send a postcard to your followers?! 📷

Until then, I am DEFINITELY following her…and so should you! See what Cemora is up to now on Instagram and Twitter. I’m so curious. Who’s the next celebrity she’s sending a postcard to?

*Ah, such travel cravings!*

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