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Why Narendra Modi Called This Woman Within One Night From USA, Read Here!

Hi Guys, Today we are going to tell you about the woman personality who is Two steps forward than the Most powerful women in India in these days. Currently, she was posted in America on India’s Behalf but recently called back in hurry Yes We are talking about Ms. Karuna Gopal.
This Karuna Gopal is the lady who is now appointed as a Chief Advisor for the construction of 100 Smart Cities in India.That is why She is called back to India but what is the specialty in Ms. Karuna Gopal which pushes Modi Ji to choose her among the thousand peoples?
Today, On which stage Ms. Karuna Gopal is standing that’s only with her Courage, Hard work, leanness, and Sacrifice and now she is an Internationally acclaimed Thought Leader, Columnist, Keynote Speaker and Advisor on Smart Cities.
Image source : Zee news
When she was 14 years old there was an accident occurred with her and doctors presumed her dead caused by an attack but She survived and Starts her unstoppable journey from that day.
After this major breakdown in life, she never let down and completes her Engineering and starts teaching in NIT. She Got married in time and also had a son from marriage. but nothing can slow down her abilities to work and to achieve more n more, She works day n night with her virtual team.
She has done various smart city projects of Biggest n Modern countries like America, Singapore, and Vietnam so far. And For this rich experience, she also got these Smart Cities projects in India. No Doubt, She should complete these projects brilliantly.
Source: huffingtonpost
Also, She is the Founder President of Foundation for Futuristic Cities, a Think Tank that has influenced Urban Transformation in India for over a decade.She becomes popular now after getting Smart cities Project and came in contact with BJP leader Shri Venkaiah Naidu. After discussion with Shri Venkaiah Naidu on this project, She was appointed as Chief Advisor. For Any person, it would be the very proud moment to get such aBig National project on such a valuable post.

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