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Woman Breaks A REALLY HUGE Egg And Finds Something No One Expected

This one will really keep you hooked. How many of you have seen a gigantic egg? Many would nod in approval. But let me rephrase, a gigantic HEN egg. I am sure not many can testify to this event. What is weird is yet to come.

Watch this video, uploaded by SNO Multimedia to get blown away. It is the weirdest thing that you will see today.

Take a look at how this video boggled a many and these comments are a proof!

For those who are curious to know how this happened, here is an explanation!

The scientific terminology for this phenomenon is ‘counter peristalsis contraction’. What happens is the reproductive system of the hen releases the second egg even before the first one has been laid. So the second egg forms a shell around the first one and this is how we get an egg inside an egg! FYI, This is unbearably painful for the hen, since the egg is unnaturally huge!

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