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Woman Woke Up From Coma After Hearing Her Newborn’s Cry. Shocking Video!

woman woke
Mothers are a boon to us from Nature. They are caring, supportive, loving and protect us from any harm. Needless to say, we are more attached to our mothers because they are the one who understand our needs and are our companions for life.
woman woke
Our mothers inspire us in many ways. They encourage us to be a good human being. Whenever we are stuck in a problem, she is the one who comes to our rescue. According to a research carried out by British company Mindlab, women are most likely to wake up from the sound of the wailings of their babies. As compared to the men folk, women tend to wake up at nights at the slightest whimper of their newborns.
woman woke
Same incident happened in real life but it is way more unbelievable than anything you have heard till now. A 23-year-old woman woke up from coma after hearing her newborn cry. Shelly Ann Cawley went into labor in September 2014. Doctors put her under anesthesia for an emergency C-section. She gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Rylan. But, there were some complications with the birth.
Doctors put her under anesthesia for an emergency C-section. She gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Rylan. Unfortunately, that gave way to some post-pregnancy complications. It resulted in Shelly being in coma for over four hours.
A blood clot broke loose during surgery and she went into a coma. She had to be put on a ventilator as the last hope, her husband told FOX 46, recalling the scene. “The idea of going from the highest of emotions of having a child born – to the next moments where you think you’re going to be saying goodbye to your wife within four or five hours. I was numb,” Jeremy said.
Doctors were worried that they would not be able to save Shelly. However, the nurses felt that skin-to-skin contact with her newborn would bring her back to life. They brought baby Rylan to her mother. She was asleep therefore, the medical staff had to make her cry.
Then something incredible happened. “They say they saw a spike in my vitals when she did cry,” Shelly later told Fox 46. “They think that me hearing her subconsciously gave my body and my subconscious a reason to fight.That I still needed to be there for my baby.”

It was no less than a miracle for the family. As a result, this woman woke up from coma after a week.

It was a time for celebration for the whole family who had given up all hopes. This is what Rylan’s mother posted on Facebook on the occasion of her first birthday. He turned one last week.
“What a difference a year makes! Last year I was fighting for my life, and this year I have a 1 year old who is thriving, and I am back in nursing school doing what I love. Satan tried to take me down, but thanks to our mighty God and all of you amazing prayer warriors, what could have been an end to my life has just been a bump in the road on my journey! Can’t wait to discover what God has planned for my life, and to just enjoy the ride on the way there!”
In other words, Rylan gave birth to her mother!!

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