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10 Hilarious Then And Now Illustrations That Prove How World Has Changed For Worse

If you have grandparents at your place, then you would have probably heard them talking about how good old days were. Things were much simpler in the past. And people were more in touch with each other. Sure we agree that the Internet has made it easier to send pics and do video calls.
However, everything has remained in the virtual world only. Yes, the video calls are for free but what about talking to a close friend in person. It has its own essence. Those were actually the good old days which we might never get away. Here we have garnered some of our favorite illustrations of then and now.
Look at these hilarious illustrations
Old Nokia cell phone was so durable that even after hitting the ground it would remain intact. Whereas the new iPhone is ridiculously expensive and still shatters into pieces at the slightest touch.
Sure your new Led television looks better than your old thick screen TV. But you are probably bigger now.

It’s more about a selfie now and flaunting it to the world

Video games has replaced the outdoor sports

Then and Now after the result
Gaming has become another source of income now. Pay to unlock the level
Image source: Maria Serivan
This is how a typical social gathering looks like now…

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