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10 Reasons Why Men Should Have Atleast One Day Experience of Periods

Being a girl isn’t easy at all. Along with dealing with all the girls’ problems, we have to hear men saying “Why do you make such a big fuss out of everything?” And the only thing that comes to our mind is that be a girl for a day and then tell us where are we wrong? Therefore we have come up with reasons as to why men should also experience periods once in a lifetime
They will realize how difficult it is for us to ask for a sanitary napkin at a shop

When it comes to buying a sanitary napkin from a supermarket, then it’s not a big deal. But asking for one from a shop will give you some awkward look from the shopkeeper himself.
Special leave of 3 days every month from offices
Dealing with period cramps and mood cramps isn’t easy in itself But besides this, we have to go to our offices for a 9 to 5 job which makes it even more difficult. As now even men know how difficult it is, they might sanction 3-4 days holidays for these days.
It”ll be biologically possible for men to conceive. Aah, finally some relief for us ladies.
If men also had periods then we could finally ask them to get pregnant in place of us.
Enough of complaining. Now men will understand our mood swings too
Men always complain about our mood swings during periods. But now as they go through one themselves, they won’t be complaining anymore.
They will realize it isn’t easy going to college or office during these days. But still we do that without complaining
Only we girls know how we are multi-tasking. Even with those period cramps, we don’t ditch our offices, schools or colleges. At least appreciate us.
They will feel the cramps too
It wasn’t a big deal right? So why don’t you also feel at least once the periods cramps?
They will understand why we don’t like even cuddling at that time
Men often complain that what’s wrong with just cuddling. From now they won’t.

They won’t make fun of a girl frequently using washroom
Men often make fun of any girl who uses a washroom frequently. This will no longer be the case.
They will be more caring
Aww, this one is my personal favorite reason why I want them to experience it once. As they know now that is a difficult time that we have to go through every month, they”ll be more caring and loving.
They will love us more
After realizing that we girls have to go through this much to give birth to a new life, they will respect us more. Respect is the first step of love. With more love, respect and care you”ll have a more stronger relationship.

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