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10 World Class Companies That Started Their Business In A Garage

Rome wasn’t built in a day” is a famous saying. And same goes for a world class company. Every big business starts with nothing. No matter how much money is invested, if there is no dedication one can never succeed in life. For a successful business one needs dedication, innovative idea, and hard work.
Here we have compiled the inspiring stories of world class companies. They started with nothing and now they have almost everything. These companies started their journey from a garage and now as we all know they have multi-storeyed offices all across the world.
The first animated movie from Disney was filmed in Walt Disney’s uncle owned garage. And today it is no hidden fact that Disney is the highest grossing media of the world. Besides that, it owns its own theme parts as well.
Amazon is the world’s largest online retail. But very few knew that Jeff Bezos who is the founder of Amazon has his own online bookstore in 1994. The headquarter of the online bookstore was in a garage.

Steve Jobs assembled his first computer himself in a garage which was owned by Jobs’ family. Today Apple is world’s most valuable company.
Today we cannot imagine our life without the most used search engine ‘Google’. Whenever we need some help either related to work or for our own personal stuff, Google comes to rescue us. All thanks to Stanford graduates who came up with it as a result of their research project.
Harley Davidson
William S. Harley and his childhood friend Arthur Davidson came up with the world’s most iconic bike ever. Harley Davidson is a result of the Young enthusiasts’ attempt to attach an engine to an ordinary bicycle. This is how they came up with their first bike.
Microsoft’s founder Bill Gates has been named as the world’s richest person by Forbes. However, the multinational companies which recently has more than 1,20,000 people working under them started with only 3 people including Bill Gates.

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