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11 Haunted Places In Delhi Only Daredevils Can Visit At Night

Delhi has a very long historical past going back to reign of the Pandavas. Popular for its wonderful monuments and food and places, Delhi is one of the most attractive places in India-in the world, I would say.
Delhi is a living symbol of bloodshed and betrayal with an immense historical background. It was ruled by many kings and emperors belonging to a particular clan or dynasty.
Slaying opponents in order to win a certain region was commonplace among the rulers. But what was chilling is the unnatural deaths of important individuals due to some supernatural phenomenon or under the dangerous curse.
While this is still to be probe into, people still believe that some historical places in the city is haunted. They would advice you not to go there at night or if you’re alone. Some even came across such supernatural occurrences scarring their souls for life.
If you are a daring personality, then you should check out our new list of 11 most haunted places in our very own Dilli.
1. Agraden Ki Baoli, Connaught Place
The Baoli consists of 103 steps made out of red stone. It is believed to be built by King Agrasen in the 14th century. People believe that as you go down towards the water reservoir, the frequency of unnatural occurrences increases.
2. Bhuli Bhatiyari ka Mahal, Jhandewalan
The board at the entrance says-Do not enter after sunset. Do I need to say more? The Mahal was built by Firoz Shah Tughlaq in 14th century. It is said to be named after Bu Ali Bakhtiyari, the caretaker of this area.
3. Delhi Cantt
The place is said to be haunted by a spooky woman dressed in white, running on the roads, chasing cars and other vehicles, whichever passes by after midnight.
4. Firoz Shah Kotla Fort
People come on Thursdays to pay homage to the jinns. The ruins were once a beautiful fort built by Firoz shah in the 14th century. But now people come here only to pray and write letters to the Laat Wale Baba, then tying it to the railing.

8. Malcha Mahal, Bistdari Road
Many paranormal activities had been reported here. It is located behind Buddha Garden.
9. Mutiny House, Kashmiri Gate
During the sepoy mutiny in 1857, many British officials were murdered. The Mutiny House was built to commemorate them. It is also a haunted place in the city.
10. Khooni Nadi, Rohini
Just like Khooni Darwaza, Khooni Nadi too is showered with many spooky tales narrated by the nearby villagers. It is said that there is some very powerful force in the river which attracts the visitors into committing suicide in it.
11. The Delhi Ridge,
Also known as the green lungs of the city, it protects Delhi from the hot winds from Rajasthan. But it takes more than it gives! Due to poor networks and creepy stories surrounding the Ridge, people stay back from crossing it after sunset.
Are you thinking to visit these haunted places.5. Jamali-Kamali Masjid
This is really a masterpiece! According to some the masjid is still haunted by jinns and they had also experiences slaps on their faces out of nowhere. Moreover people went so far as to say that there’s something creepy about the wind here.
6. Khooni Darwaza
Doston, Is khooni darwaze ke andar mat ghusna. The story behind this haunted place, goes back to the time of partition. During the riots, many refugees tried entering the refugee camps here but were murdered at gate. And that’s how it got its spooky name. It is said that those people still haunt this Bloody Gate.
7. Lothian Cemetery
This cemetery makes up to one of the most haunted places in Delhi. People often reported saying that they had seen a beheaded ghost walking around with the head in his hand. Now I’m dead scared!

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