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11 Trends That Have Changed So Much Since 2000s

Change is the only constant — Heraclitus of Ephesus
Seems like it was just yesterday that we stepped into Y2K. No kidding! Take five seconds to reel it in. Yes, we are close to two decades old. And it has been a mix of good, bad and ugly. But, in these past seventeen years, A LOT has changed and we have evolved a lot. Times they are a changin’ and so do trends.
Let’s take a trip down the memory lane and have a dekko at the trends that have changed since 2000s.

1. IMs’ ASL to Tinder dates

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Remember Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger and the ultimate ASL (Age, Sex, Location) question? Well, now it is the world of swiping — right or left — on Tinder. Dating trends have changed so much.

2. MySpace to Facebook

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2000s was the time when MySpace was still the space people went to for their social networking needs. Then, in 2009 Facebook became the most used social network and now everyone is FB-ing. And, it doesn’t get old.

3. From fan mails to live interaction with celebrities

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When you had to express your love to your favourite celebrity, penning down fan mails was a go-to thing. And it used to be so cool. Cooler when it was sent to a show and the anchor picked yours to read. Cut to 2017, celebrities are just a status or tweet away, and with LIVE interactions… a question away. That’s a different feeling altogether.

4. CDs to Online Streaming

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Remember the craze of running to the music store and checking the latest section to get yourself the CD of the latest music you heard on the music channel? Gold, right? Now, everything is on the streaming site and you are one click away from your current favourite.

5. Books to eBook readers

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Bookworms love the feel of holding the book in their hands and still do. But now the bookworms are divided into two sections — book readers and ebook readers. You can carry your digital library in your palm. 😉

6. From brick phones to smartphones

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The one thing that has majorly changed in the past decade is the look, feel and features of our phones. From brick-shaped phones with a manual keypad to smartphones with gesture features, we have come a long way. And, it is revolutionising minute by minute.

7. Texting lingo has changed

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From BRB to Haha To LOL, short forms have seeped into the texting lingo. Plus, those text messages have been replaced by DMs and texts over messaging apps. But I am still trying to figure out how many nano-seconds do people save while writing ‘K’ instead of ‘OK’? #JustAsking

8. Pokémon cards to Pokémon Go

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Oh, they were a rage mahn! Collecting Pokemon cards and points was a thing of the early 00s. Right now, we are virtually catching ’em all over the addictive app. The goal? Being the best Poké trainer like Ash.

9. From window shopping to ‘window’ shopping

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Malls were a thing and shopping was done mostly at the stores. But, with digitisation and splurge in online shopping sites, everything is through the window of your laptop or computer. Just the windows have changed!

10. From taking opinions from friends about how you look in person to over selfies.

Well, that makes the whole process a lot quicker!

11. From bike rides being cool to skateboards being cooler.

Ever skated? It is one helluva feeling, though.
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