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12 Reasons Why Looking For A Partner Online Is A Bad Idea For Almost All Of Us

Be it learning or shopping, everything has gone digital. Dating is no exception. With so many online dating apps, you can find a person who you can call ‘the love of your life’. But still many us choose to distance ourself from online dating.
Let’s accept it. Internet is a place where you can be a pilot, model or an astronaut without any degree or skill. It is full of lies. You can hardly believe on anyone. It is probably one of the worst places to find love. Therefore we have come up with 12 reasons why you should never search for a partner online.
1. We want to see their reaction when they”ll meet each other. Lol!
Image Source: vsvako.livejournal.com
2. Never ever trust on profile pictures. They speak a different story
3. Honesty!
4. According to him, he is single. So what do you wanna say about the family pic you have on your table, man?

7. If a girl with Emma Watson’s pic send you a friend request, do not assume that Emma has send you the request. Dude she has got some more important work to do than to send friend request to unknown people.
8. Lies, lies and only lies!
9. For men lying is the key to success. While for women showing off their skin cam help them crack any deal
10. People hardly admit they used a dating site so that they won’t look desperate
11. Like who taught them photoshop?
It is very easy to hide for anyone to hide their true identity on a social networking site. So before coming into a serious relationship with anyone, take out every important information of that person.

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