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12 Year Old Boy Becomes Father After Impregnating His 17 Year Old Cousin

In an extremely shameful act, a 12-year-old boy became the youngest father in India. The mother is none other than the boy’s 17-year-old cousin.
Both the children used to live together in one house as the father of girl had abandoned them. This unprecedented incident has shocked everyone. Initially, the potency of the boy was under suspicion. But the DNA reports have proved that he is the father of the baby.
Initially, the girl complained that the boy had raped her. Later the boy accused her of sexual molestation. Now, police have registered a case against both of them.
Girl’s pregnancy came into light when she complained about the stomach ache. Even the girl didn’t know about her pregnancy. hey came to know about it when the doctors informed them about her pregnancy.

This shameful act has shocked everyone and Police came to know about this when the girl delivered the baby. She gave birth to a baby girl in Ernakulam 4 months ago. Police have filed a case against the hospital also for not informing them about this case.
The uniqueness of this case is that victim of one case has become the perpetrator in another case. Now it is upon the judicial wisdom to decide the culpability of this incident. The Posco Act is silent in cases like these, therefore, it is upon the commission to decide the culpability.
As the girl and the boy who are accused of sexual molestation and rape respectively, are minors it isn’t easy to come to the conclusion. Commission can’t rush into any action.
It is a very sensitive case as it carries the interest of 3 minors i.e father, mother and the new born baby. Therefore it is not going for the commission to take a decision. Right now the girl and her mother is living at a house near to boy’s house. And both the children are under counseling by the concerned authorities.

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