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13 Most Shocking Moments Ever Seen On Live Television

Television has become an important part of our daily life, so much so that we can’t imagine a day without watching it. It has become one of the one of the best ways to kill boredom, just tune into any  of favourite channel and watch your favourite programme. From sports to entertainment, from music to movies, from cartoon to science and from learning to news, everything is right there on television. This is where we get to know what is happening around us. Television indeed has brought the world closer. Sometimes a live coverage of certain incidents gets on TV screens, some of which are horrifying. Here are the collections of those terrifying moments that were seen live on television:

Car Chase Of O.J. Simpson

Former American football running back, broadcaster and an actor O J Simpson was charged for murders of his wife and her friend. Much before the trials, he was driving away from the police and news helicopters were following him. He was later arrested and was sentenced 33 years of imprisonment.

Rodney King Riots

Rodney King is an American born Taxi driver, he was apparently beaten by the police officers, however police officers were convicted for the same. But once the public came to know that the officers were released massive riots continued for many days. 55 people got killed and over 2000 people were injured during this attack.

Massacre At 1972 Olympics

A terrible incident occurred during the Munich Olympics in the year 1972. A terrorist group made team players of one of the participating country as hostage. They later killed 11 members of the team, although the rescue operations were on, the plan failed due to the live coverage.

Tsunami In Japan 2011

In March 2011, off the Pacific Ocean of Japan, a 9.0 earthquake triggered a 33feet high tsunami along Japan’s north-eastern coast. The disaster took lives of 13000 people and caused widespread destruction. The highest wave reached was as high as 40.5 meters taking many people with who were never found again.

Space Shuttle Challenger- Explosion

On January 28, 1986, NASA Space Shuttle Orbiter Challenger broke apart within 73 seconds into its flight leading to death of seven crew members. The crew members included five NASA astronauts and two Playload specialists. The whole world witnessed the disaster on their television.

Assassination Of Lee Harvey Oswald

In the year 1963, Lee Harvey Oswald killed American President John F. Kennedy. The slayer also killed a policeman on the same day. He was arrested for the two murders and was sent to country jail. While he was being sent there, a club owner, named Jack Ruby shot him to death. A television pool camera covered this incident as the world witnessed it live.

On-Air Suicide Of Christine Chubbuck

Christine Chubbuck was an American television news reporter who worked for WTOG in Florida. She had spoken to her family about her struggles and her suicidal tendencies. She got an approval from her channel to do a segment on suicide While reading the news she told viewers that they were about to witness a first live suicide. And then she pulled out gun and shot in her ear.

Tourist Bus Hostage In Manila

A tourist bus was taken as hostage in manila by Rolando Mendoza, a former police officer. He was sacked from police and thus to he took the bus to hostage. This led to ten hour live event and eight hostages were killed in this crisis.

Jet Blue Emergency Landing

Jet blue flight 292 was flying from Burbank to New York city. However after the take off , captain Scott Burke executed an emergency landing in Los Angeles airport as the nose gear jammed in an abnormal position. The landing was witnessed by the passengers inside the plane as this was covered live on TV.

10. Saddam Hussein’s Statue Destruction

In the year 2003, on 9th April, US soldiers and civilians of Iraq toppled down the statue of Saddam Hussein. This event was marked as a end of battle of Baghdad. The event was covered live on television and was celebrated as this was sig of good times to come.

Operation Shock And Awe

After the 9/11 attack on United States, us authorities launched ‘Operation Shock And Awe’ on Iraq. People witnessed this operation live on their television as it went on air. The war was controversial as it involved human lives at stake.


On September 11, 2001, a plane crashed into world trade center in Newyork city. People were speculating the reason behind the same and were assuming it to be terrible accident. However within few minutes second plane crashed into the second tower and it was evident this was a planned terrorist attack. This attack led to war and many were killed in it.

Landing On Moon

Over 600 million viewers witnessed the greatest events in history, the landing on moon. This was really an amazing as well a shocking event as this was the first time man went to moon and at that point of time, technology was not advanced as today.

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