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14 Funny Shop Signs You’ll Only See In India

India is an incredible country and none of us can disagree with it. Everything about our country is extraordinary, be it our traditional clothes, our ancestry, culture or food.
But in this ever developing world, we are also striving hard to match with the footsteps of other developed countries. In the course we come across many exotic things and undoubtedly we Indians love everything that’s exotic.
These shop board signs and hoardings too are a part of it epitomizing our inquisitiveness and temptation towards alien things. It is a way of grabbing people’s attention. But these hoardings took it too far serving no more than to our good humor.
If you have never came across such sign boards then you need to take a ride around the city.
1. Who can ever learn Hindi from English. Not Indians for sure. Hindi language and history classes-a great combo though!
2. McDonald’s to Murg Donald’s
3. Too much creativity can ruin everything!
4. Now your most preferred app metamorphosed into a hawker serving maggie.
5. It is Andar Wears not Under Wears. Mind the difference!
6. They don’t have the least idea what they are advertising about.
7. Is it taken from Kool and Keech or Krispy Kreme?
8. Ahem Ahem….Lets get on to the next one.
9. Don’t you every say ‘thik-thik’. It might be very disgusting. Speak your mind freely.
10. Do you dare to drink ‘sherni ka dudh’?
11. We all must rush to this place asap. Otherwise we might miss this amazing offer.
12. Forget about KFC! Here is your very own Indian-style SFC.
13. This hawker is definitely very desperate.

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