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14 Insanely Creative And Funny Examination Answers

Examinations are a very important part of students’ lives. The very arrival of them wreaks havoc in our life, accompaining a lot of emotions pouring out every now and then while preparing for exams.
Some of us comes in the A category of students who learn everything beforehand and are left with only revision in the last moments, some belong to the B category who even after learning everything don’t remember a bit and get blank in the examination hall.
The remaining ones belongs to the C category who don’t learn a thing before exams and certainly these folks don’t give a damn about it. They are the most crazy ones who are ready to face the worst. Some such students’ examination copies are here with us.
Scroll down to have a good laugh at their hilarious answers. I bet you had never thought of doing such bizarre things. These guys just nailed the art of answering in examination papers.
1. This guy likes to move it, be it with his family or friends.
2. This intelligent fellow increased the number instead of names.
3. An absolutely reasonable answer. Don’t you agree?
4. LOL! Is the L in it leftwards or rightwards?
5. This is disgusting. Yukk
6. Blackmailing gone wrong!
7. But why this giraffe isn’t eating anything. A tree is right behind it.
8. Undoubtedly creative.
9. Dhund sako to dhund lo
10. He/She must be very judgemental.
11. Yeah! That’s right. He can do that.
12. A rock-band fan for sure.
13. And a woman is never wrong.
14. Hats off to the teacher for appreciating his creativity. ROFL!
Hope you like it.

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