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15 Mind Blowing Facts About China Everyone Should Know

We do know a lot about China and its natives. But there also exist some very shocking, unknown facts about this country that we are still unaware of. If you’re inquisitive enough to explore China and take a closer look at the country’s lifestyle, then you have arrived at the right place. Here are some mind blowing facts about China.
1. China is very strict when it comes to maintaining a professional attitude towards work. Therefore a sharp needle is always attached to a Chinese soldier’s uniform to prevent them from sleeping during work hours.
2. Chinese soldiers go through a strict training period of discipline. During this period, they are trained to raise their arms to a certain height.
3. Due to the overpopulation of the country, some people are forced to live in streets. The number of such homeless people is 100 million who live off at the Chinese equivalent of $1.
4. Ketchup was originally made in China and it was earlier known as ke-tsiap.
5. People in China pick up their food at drive-through and would go inside in queue to eat their meal.
6. China has a great population of Christians with over 54 million Christians. living in the country.
7. Chinese are very strict about maintaining their law and order. They execute four times more than any other country in the world.
8. In China, it is a very ancient ritual to eat eggs boiled in the urine of virgin boys.
9. Multinational company, Google provides free legal download in China in partnership with the biggest record label of the world.
10. Chinese police are more fond of geese instead of usual police dogs. Geese are known for their aggressive behavior and intelligence. Therefore the geese force comes in handy while handling criminals.
11. Due to the one-child-policy in China, many girls are either abandoned or aborted at the end of each year.
12. Around 30 million people in China dwell in caves and lives off on day’s labor.
13. China’s pollution is 1/3rd of the pollution in San Francisco. It is so strong that it travels all the way through Pacific to San Francisco.
14. Tofu is a famous Asian cuisine. The main cause behind its adulteration was some Chinese companies who were caught making tofu out of sewage.
15. Women in China pay over $700 to fake virginity.
These are some mind blowing facts about China. But still, there is so much more to know about this country.

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