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16 YO Girl Is The Youngest Post Graduate In Asia And It’s Just One Of Her Many Achievements

Who said India is no place for gifted people?
Naina Jaiswal is the classic example of a gifted student who actually thrived in India.

She was only 8 years old when she completed her 10 standard exams and graduated when she was just 13. Back then she was already the youngest journalism graduate in India.

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But wait! There’s more!

Now at 16, she has completed her post-graduation and is already pursuing her PhD studies! And if you thought that’s it, she’s also a national table-tennis champion.

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Her father has played a big part in grooming her. He used to run a school of himself and gave that up to teach Naina how to be a genius.
She has been homeschooled for 5 years by her mom before her father took over.

And no, it doesn’t end there. She can play the piano, can sing and even write with both hands. She knows all 108 shlokas of Ramayana by heart and can make a Hyderabadi biryani in just 25 minutes!

Naina Jaiswal
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Naina Jaiswal’s parents inculcated an interest for sports, arts, and music in her.
The reason they did that is because if academics does not work out for them, the kids can always rely on other skills to carve out a living. That’s some good parenting!
She is a gutsy and talented woman. She has already set her sights on the 2020 Olympics!
Looking at her mad skills, she looks like a sure medal winner!
Sources – Mid DayANI

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