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22 Incredibly Clever Logos That Will Make You Look Twice

22 Incredibly Clever Logos That Will Make You Look Twice
Designing logos require some creativity in the person who designs it. There must be a hidden meaning within the logo. The logo must represent the work of the company or any other industry. In this, post, we have included 22 clever logos that will make you look at them for more than two times. Have a glance!
  1. Time
Time is very precious for everyone. Once the time passes, it will never come back for people. In a symbolic way, this company had designed the logo by inserting the watch symbol.
  1. Sushi Restaurant
As we all know, Sushi is a Japanese food item prepared using rice as the fundamental ingredient. People in Japan mostly make use of chopsticks to consume their food. In a symbolic way, this company has designed the logo this way.
  1. Bar Code
Bar Code is one of the popular restaurants or clubs that has this fun logo. The logo resembles the beverage that people consume at the bar.
  1. Impotence
In a pictorial representation, they have inverted the letter ‘i’ in the logo of Impotence. The meaning of Impotence is weakness or inability.
  1. Code Fish
Code Fish logo comprises of a fish in the form of codings like curved brackets, flower brackets, and an asterisk.
  1. Food Photo Blog
It is one of the best creative logos as it comprises of a plate and spoons and knife.
  1. “Mister Cutts” barber shop
This barber shop’s logo perfectly resembles the scissor and the Moustache.
  1. Black Cat
The background is completely black with the logo in white bold letters.
  1. Threesome
Threesome has a symbolic representation in the form of a heart-shaped logo.
  1. Killed Productions
Killed Productions shows the letter ‘i’ bent in the logo.
  1. Shocked
The logo of shocked shows the emoticon symbol just like a shocking expression.
  1. Dog Care Veterinary
Dog Care Veterinary shows the symbol of a dog with its two legs.
  1. Iron Duck
The logo of the Iron Duck clothing resembles a duck in the form of a hanger.
  1. Beebooks
In the background, it shows yellow color with a logo of the book.
  1. Push the Bottle
Push the Bottle is a perfectly creative logo that symbolically shows pushing the bottle.
  1. Michael Jackson Commemorative Logo
You can see the logo in the form of the legs of Michael Jackson including his shoes.
  1. Bipolar
This logo shows two faces that suit the name of the company.
  1. The Bronx Zoo
In order to resemble animals in a zoo, they have designed the logo with Giraffe.
  1. Corporate Bowling
In this logo, we can see the things required for bowling.
  1. Octopus Caffe
The Octopus Caffe logo shows hot coffee in a cup.
  1. “Infinity Crime” Studio
In this logo, you can see two eyes that look for crimes.
  1. “Rockit” Night Club
In this logo, you can see a rocket in a red color.

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