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25 Movies That Are So Good That It Will Be A Crime If They Are Remade

REMAKE-11There are some movies that are made by exceptional directors. Some have exceptional actors giving the performance of their lives. Some movies have the greatest soundtrack ever created.
And then there are movies that fulfill all the above criteria. They are not really perfect, but you would not want to touch them at all, because they are so unique, even editing them feels like blasphemy.
Let’s take a look at some of the movies that we cannot even imagine of remaking.

1. Harry Potter

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The casting is perfect, the adaptation was overseen by J K Rowling herself. Remaking Harry potter again will be a certain disaster, because they will never find a more amiable Harry, a more bumble of a Ron and a sweeter Hermione.

2. Lagaan

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Ashutosh Gowarikar outdid himself, and so did Aamir Khan and everyone who acted in this brilliant film. The soundtrack was amazing and uplifting.
You can never make another Lagaan.

3. Casablanca

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They do not make films like this anymore. The emotions, the music, the songs are all perfect. You can take the prettiest actress and you still won’t ooze out the sensuality Ingrid Bergman freely lets out. You can get the most rugged and sensitive guy, you still won’t get the softness Bogart displayed.
There is a reason no one even talks about remaking it.

4. Golmaal

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Amol Palekar and Utpal Dutt kill it in this movie. There just cannot be a better combination – ever. Untouchable.

5. Citizen Kane

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6. The Shining

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Kubrick did a fine job in adapting the novel. Jack Nicholson did an ever finer job enacting and building a character that surpassed the literary counterpart. It is terrifying to watch and scares us without cheap shock scenes – something the present filmmakers will use.

7. Rang De Basanti

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Just like Gowariker, Om Prakash Mehra killed it with his first movie. The movie incited so much emotion in people that it was labeled as an eye-opener, even though it was pure fiction.

8. Monty Python and The Holy Grail

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The Monty Python comedy troupe is old now, and just because of this sad fact, NO ONE can replace them as the perfect comedians in the perfectly hilarious movie they themselves created.

9. Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge

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It was melodramatic, and many times it goes overboard, but you never feel like stopping it and turning off the television. It is one of those rare movies in which everything just fell into place, and everyone loved it.

10. V For Vendetta

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The acting is so compelling, even if the actor is behind a mask. The script awed us, and the screenplay left us asking for more. V For Vendetta is a masterclass in movie making.
There will not be another V.

11. Andaaz Apna Apna

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Enough said.

12. The Big Lebowski

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The script was ridiculous. The plot was ridiculous. The actors were ridiculous. But somewhere, everything ridiculous fell into place to make this movie a classy affair.
Nothing trumps it. Nothing.

13. Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron

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Gone are the days when movies showed real satire. Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron was the stuff hard-hitting satire is made of. Expert acting and a plot that leaves you in splits, it takes more than just awesome moviemaking skills to create this gem of a movie.

14. The Truman Show

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Jim Carrey will never ever act like a normal human being ever again. Nor will the best of the neurotic comedians in the future.

15. One Flew Over Cuckoo’s Nest

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Very few people understand the amount of effort every cast member went through to understand the psyche of a mentally challenged person, and how to enact it brilliantly to make a movie that left us in shock and denial.

16. Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa

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Nobody wanted to portray a loser. SRK did it with finesse. every guy next door felt for him. Every person who had faced rejection understood the movie.
There is just no one who can pull this off well.

17. Life Is Beautiful

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Roberto Benigni showed us what boisterous filmmaking can do. The movie is uplifting in every way, and Benigni acted and directed this beautiful film to make it one of a kind.

18. Anand

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There is not going to be another Anand. Period.

19. Back To The Future

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Dr. Emmett Brown is one of a kind and not many moviemakers can pull the story off as well as this movie did. This was one of the first movies that portrayed time travel in a logical way.

20. Satya

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Ram Gopal Varma was at his best back then.
He made a cult classic with all the new actors, and unknown faces. And turned up with this gem.

21. A Clockwork Orange

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To adapt a screenplay true to the original text and make it compelling enough is a hard task. But Kubrick is the king of hard tasks.

22. Chupke Chupke

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Cleaner comedies have not been made. Chupke Chupke was as clean as comedies come and it still made us LOL.
It just cannot be done again, however perfect our one-liners are.

23. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

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John Hughes made a lot of movies that touched our hearts. Ferris Bueller was not one of them. Ferris Bueller made us happy and left us with a feel-good feeling. That’s it.
Very few movies can toe the line of being a light comedy leaving you feeling good forever.

24. Vaastav

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Every once in a while a gangster movie releases that makes us impressed and leaves us with a message. Vaastav was this and more. It showed us the appeal of the power of becoming a gangster, and how, in the end, karma levels everything.

25. Kill Bill

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Tarantino usually pulls off ridiculous stuff, but he outdid himself in this lovely movie. Pulp fiction does not get better than this.
Do you have any movies in mind that you think should never, ever be remade?
Let us know in the comments.

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