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6 New MAC OS Features That Will Change The Way You Use Your Desktop

By many critics, the newly launched Mac OS which was released in September 2015 is known for its quality rather than quantity. There are many improvements and added features in this new Mac OS. You will observe that now you can arrange all your windows on your desktop in a unique way. There are many other changes like there are improvements to the notes, photo applications, Safari, and the print screen Mac.
We have created a list of some tips and tricks which will totally change the experience of how you use your desktop. If you don’t have a MacBook, you can explore its different models at Groupon, and which you can get at discounted prices by using Groupon coupon.

  1. Split View in Full-Screen Mode
Split view in full-screen mode is a very interesting feature that allows you to open more than one app at one time. All you have to do is click and drag the windows resize button, and it will automatically turn on the split view, and you will be able to use two apps simultaneously. You can even further customize this feature: you can also select the amount of space that you want to give to the each app.
One thing must be mentioned that there are few apps that aren’t compatible with this split view: one such app is the Office app.
  1. Hidden Menu Bar
In the latest Mac OS version, you can hide the menu bar and this feature is perfect for those who use small laptops like 11” or 12” MacBook Air. In such a small MacBook, every pixel counts. You can hide the menu bar by going to the System Preferences, and then accessing General category.
  1. Add PDFs, URLs and Maps to Notes
In the latest version of Mac OS, you can add PDFs, URLs, and Maps to the Notes easier than ever. There is nothing tricky in adding things to the notes all you have to do is click the “Share” option.  If you want to add a map to your notes, click “share” and then select “Notes” and the map will be added to your notes. You can do the same for any location if you want to add it in the Notes. Later, you can simply click on the location and you will be redirected to the map you added previously.
The list of “Notes” is not only a list, but you can turn it to “Checklist” anytime you want.
  1. How to tell which Safari tabs are playing audio
Google Chrome initially launched this feature which told you about in which tabs music was being played. The safari browser in the latest Mac OS also features the same thing; it tells you instantly in which tab the music is being played.  This new feature of Mac OS is different from Chrome because in Safari you can mute the audio by clicking once on the tab.
  1. Cursor Locater
Many users find this feature of latest Mac OS interesting. In the previous versions, in order to locate the mouse, we had to shake the mouse or move our finger on the trackpad, but that is not the case in the latest version. Now, when you need to find the mouse cursor, you have to shake the mouse or move your finger on trackpad – like you previously did – but doing this the cursor will increase in size for a moment and you will be easily able to locate it.
  1. Pin Tabs in Safari
Another interesting thing in the latest Mac OS is that now you can pin your favorite websites to the menu bar. It’s like adding a shortcut to Facebook or Twitter. You can easily do it by going to the Window, and then pressing Pin Tab.

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