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6 Things Every Girl Wants To Ask Her Man

For years girls and boys have been curious about opposite sex. Why wouldn’t they be? Since they don’t have what the opposite sex have, it’s normal to have curiosity. But it’s not just the different body structures that make us different, men and women are different even when it comes to reacting on a particular circumstance.
If girls could ask 6 questions to quench their curiosity then these would be the questions they would probably ask.
Why they prefer sleeping on their stomach?
All of us know at least one man who loves sleeping on their stomach.That is when this question hits our mind that why they love sleeping on stomach and not on their back.
How do they get ready in 10 minutes?
What can happen in 10 minutes? We girls can’t even decide on our party dress in 10 minutes. On the other hand, boys take only 10 minutes to get ready. Be it a party, dinner date or office they won’t take a one minute extra after 10 minutes to get ready.

Don’t they bored with the same kind of underwears?
From their cosmetics to clothes, girls need varieties in almost everything. But how boys manage with underwear of almost same pattern? Don’t they get bored them?
What do you do when you get turned on at a public place?
We all are aware of the problems that boys face when they are turned on. But how they do deal with it when they area at a public place?
Does having a beard adds weight to the face?
Nowadays beards are in. Earlier girls used to dislike boys with beard but now the boys with beard appear more attractive to girls. But several questions related to beard come in girls’ mind like are they itchy or they weigh more than their face?
When will we take our relationship to another level?
Marriage is the word that boys are most afraid of. With marriage comes commitment and responsibilities that scare the shit out of men. That is why girls are afraid to ask this to his man.

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