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7 Times You Desperately Wish Life Wasn’t So Complicated

Life is not always easy and fun, you have moments when you feel like a huge mass of complicated mess. Which is quite often, IMO. Well, that’s how it is! But in addition to that, there are some first world-ish problems that make you feel that life’s a tad bit more complicated than you thought it to be. Also, there are some unavoidable situations that you wish life didn’t throw at you.
It is in that moment you just wish life wasn’t so complicated. Am I making any sense? Sample these, then I may.

1. When you realise you’ve made a typo in your CV after sending it out to a dozen prospective employers.

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2. When your ‘EX’ wants to be ‘friends’ with you or asks you to attend his/her wedding.

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For real? Downright, delusional. Even, hypothetical scenarios like such are cringe-worthy.

3. When your best friend borrows your favourite dress and spills something on it. But you can’t say anything.

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The struggle is real.

4. When you hate someone but you have to play nice.

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Arrgghhh!! Play pretend sucks!

5. When you are crushing on your friend’s S.O. and feel that you deserve him/her more.

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Its hurts, mahn, its hurts!

6. When you have to go to the washroom but you are in a very important meeting.

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Oh, shit!

7. When you get frazzled by mobile banking transactions.

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Ok! I don’t know how many of you have felt this, but I’ve seen people get really worked up when it comes to transacting through mobile banking apps.

But hold on! There’s nothing complex about it and it is pretty simple. And, with ICICI Bank’s iMobile App it is even simpler. Let funny man, Abish Mathew show you that in this hilarious ad.

Some things in life can never get simpler, but, at least, your banking needs can be. If you badly need a bank with the motto ‘#SimpleChahiye’, ICICI Bank’s iMobile App is your solution.

#SimpleChahiye? So, download the app right now!

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