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8 Big Decisions That Yogi Adityanath Took Right After Becoming CM

News of Yogi Adityanath becoming the next CM of UP came as a shock to many people. The nation was divided into 2 parts: one supporting him and one trolling him. It came as a surprise when the Muslim community in a large majority also supported his appointment as CM.
Ever since he was announced as the chief minister people have been curious if he would be able to change UP for good. But he has surprised everyone with his work. It’s hardly been 3 days but he is surprising everyone with his work. Here are 8 big things that he did just after becoming the CM
Deploying anti-Romeo squad
Unlike other ministers who just talk about Women safety, he has actually taken action. Anti Romeo squad is a move against Romeos. The word here means men who stalk and harass women. Police has been instructed to take strict actions against Romeos. Till now 900 people have been questioned.
They(police) have been instructed that innocent people or those sitting with their friends should not be harassed,” assured minister Siddharth Nath Singh.
Sealed 2 illegal slaughter houses
As promised by BJP, 2 illegal slaughter houses have been sealed till now. Several illegal meat shops have also been sealed.
No  VIP culture to be followed by the ministers
As soon as he became the Cm he gave a tight slip to the VIP culture. He ordered all the ministers not to use any red beacon on top of their cars.
Monitor social media activities
Social media has become an easy tool to disturb communal harmony. Therefore he ordered senior officers to monitor social media activities that pose a threat to communal harmony.
Asked Police officers to change their outlook towards women
When a woman goes to Police station to file FIR against any crime, the officers often look down upon her. Moreover, they ask her questions that make her uncomfortable. That is why many women avoid going to Police for help. Honorable Chief minister has asked the Police officers to change their mentality towards women.
Asked ministers to disclose their income
 He has asked all his ministers to disclose all their income and its source.
Asked ministers to think before they speak
In the past, we have come across some inappropriate comments coming from the ministers against women. He has asked his ministers to either think before they speak or keep their mouth shut.
No Pan Masala and tobacco in Govt. Office premises
People often chew tobacco and spit in the open. To keep the surroundings clean, no person is allowed to chew tobacco in government premises.
Unlike other politicians who are known for their false promises made during an election campaign, he is setting an example of ideal governance. 

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