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9 Famous People And Their Lookalikes

Do you believe in the fact that almost everyone has a doppelganger? There's a fairly decent chance of it, actually, thanks to the limited number of genes that influence facial features. As per the scientists, there are about 7 lookalikes of a person in this whole world. Most of the people out there won’t believe in this fact, while some will definitely do.
Some people also consider that if because of twist of fate one gets to see his or her mirror image in one’s lifespan, the other will certainly pass away. These stories are really spine-chilling, but I do ponder that these dogmas have no strong evidence to hold upon. Now, we are going to tell you some of the duplicates of famous Indian personalities from Bollywood to politics.
And trust me you will get goose bumps definitely.

One PM is not sufficient I guess. They both can make opposition parties lives literally hell.

You will be amazed to see him. Here comes the lookalike of APJ Abdul Kalam. People who see him literally have their jaw-dropped as if he has returned from his grave!

Yoga Guru-Ramdev’s part 2

Mr. Perfectionist- Amir Khan’s lookalike

Mahatma Gandhi seems to be very pleased with Rahul Gandhi’s contribution in the politics

Salman Khan’s lookalike doesn’t look completely like him, but yeah he does have some resemblance to him.

Master blaster and his lookalike

Duplicate of Former Prime Minister of India

Doppelganger of Indian politician- Rahul Gandhi

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