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9 Immense Movie Mistakes That Nobody Noticed

Hitherto we must have watched so many movies that we didn’t even remember the number. Movies are an important part of our lives from our childhood.
We used to watch a lot of them. While watching a movie, we often overlook the minor mistakes and get to know about them only after we read any article on them.
However there are times when these mistakes are very big and grave. Still we don’t care to notice them. Or maybe we ignore the faults because we are so into the movie that we don’t care about the minute faults within it. But apart from the enjoyment, these mistakes play a very important part in the film.
Once looked with great attention, they are capable of changing the whole concept of the movie and sometimes it might prevent us from feeling the moment.
Here are some movie blunders you happily overlooked-
1. American Pie
The color of the glass in the first scene is blue while in the later scene it changes to transparent.
2. Mad Max:Fury Road
In the first picture the guns are dual SMGs but in the latter picture, dual assault rifles are there.
3. Mr and Mrs Smith
The headrest changed in the two scenes
4. Home Alone
Kevin’s pants are changed in both the scenes.
5. P.S. I Love You
The picture in the background changes.
6. Love Actually
His tie don’t have any polka dots in the second picture
7. The Big Bang Theory
The Christmas presents on the sofa changed colors as quick as a flash of light.
8. Deadpool
What he actually writes vs what we see in the movie
9. Star Wars:Episode VII — The Force Awakens
You might fail to notice that her outfit changes several time during this scene.

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