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A Plane In Pak Takes 7 Extra People And Makes Them STAND In The Aisle, Like A Local Train

Trains are trains.
Planes are NOT trains.
Sounds simple, right. Not for Pakistan, though.

Pakistan’s premier airlines, PIA (Pakistan International Airlines) actually treated one of its planes as a train and overloaded it by 7 extra people.

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The train was flying to Saudi Arabia and the flight duration was 3 hours long. The 7 people had to stand for the complete duration of the flight until it landed.
And if you think it’s funny, it really is not.

Because in a case of emergency, these 7 extra people would not have had access to oxygen and other life support mechanisms. Even though this news has been reported, no action has been taken on the airlines.

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People’s lives were in danger and no action has still been taken. The airlines blamed it on the ground staff that gave passengers the extra boarding passes.
The ridiculous fact is that the extra passengers did protest when they did not get a seat to sit on. But even then the flight crew did not open the door to let them out or land back to the airport.
This is for the Pakistani Airlines once again – Trains are trains. Planes are NOT trains!
News Source – BBC

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