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After Sunil and Chandan, Kapil’s Ex-Girlfriend Also Quit The Show!

Preeti leaves kapil's show
The scuffle between Kapil Sharma show’s cast is nowhere coming to an end. Neither Sunil Grover is willing to return to the show nor Chandan Prabhakar. Both have made up their minds to start a new journey and that also without Kapil. Even Ali Asgar is refusing to work with the comedian.
preeti leaves kapil's show
But the most shocking news has come up now. According to the rumors, Kapil’s so-called ex-girlfriend Preeti Simos is also to quit the show. Preeti Simoes is Kapil’s production house K9’s creative director. For several years she has been linked to the comedian. However, after Kapil made his relationship with Ginni Chatrath public, she is being known as his ex-girlfriend.
preeti leaves kapil's show
What is Preeti’s reaction to the whole scene?
When a reporter asked for her views on the whole scene, she said, “I was on a vacation even before the news came out. I have a very healthy working relationship with Kapil.” According to her, she has been celebrating her aunt’s 50th birthday in Goa when Kapil revealed about his secret girlfriend.
preeti leaves kapil's show
Since when Kapil and Preeti are being linked?
In 2013, the duo was linked for the first time. They were working on Comedy Nights With Kapil at that time. An insider also revealed that they were in a relationship for 3 years. But neither Kapil nor Preeti talked about it publicly. The couple even received an offer as a contestant on the reality show Nach Baliye, in which only couples participate.

Now when Kapil Sharma announced about Ginni on Social media she congratulated him on twitter but later on, she deleted her twitter account.
Preeti’s younger sister Neeti Simoes had also congratulated Kapil Sharma but raised a question on our mind that why does she used those pictures of Ginni Chatrath in which she is not looking good.
Check out her tweet ;
This is how people responded to her.
Congratulations @KapilSharmaK9 And Ginni.. have a happy life ✌pic.twitter.com/kNbd2ANVTy
@neetisimoes Ginni is 10 times better than you! Don't get Jealous, Accept the truth..Kapil found someone better!! 
Congratulations @KapilSharmaK9 And Ginni.. have a happy life ✌pic.twitter.com/kNbd2ANVTy
@neetisimoes @KapilSharmaK9 i think these pics are not reasonable for public view.agr aur pics nh ti to vesy hi cngratz bol deti ap. @neetisimoes kbi apni aesi pics di?
This is something which raises questions why everyone started defaming Kapil Sharma as he announced about Ginni Chattrath? Let’s hope everything gets fine as soon as possible Kapil brings his team back.

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