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At 18 Or At 92, Love Has Remained The Same For This Couple Even After Having 17 Children

Love comes in all the possible ways, all we have to do is, be wise enough to see it! But, seriously, some people are just extra lucky when it comes to the ‘love’ front! For most people in our generation, love is all about the bank balance, the looks and all the other possible material things which don’t matter at all! But, of course, self-centered as we are, we don’t care that much if it works out or not. We don’t really give love that much importance. Most of the time, it is just a past-time and calling it love is like degrading the word.
As much as I have read, love is supposed to be beautiful and wonderful and filled with all these amazing fragrances. And it is filled with the laughter too, because, come on, who doesn’t like it funny? It is dreamy and it is chaotic but it is worth everything in the end. It is such a romantic notion and such pure love is so rare to find. This sweet story will make you laugh and will make you long for that lively guy!

This story from Humans Of New York is about how love is evergreen. For those lucky ones, it is the same at 18 or at 90. And this couple from Brazil will give you major couple goals!

“My husband is ninety-two and he keeps trying to make love to me. I have to swat him away. I had seventeen kids already. That’s all in the past. Whenever he gets out of the shower, he starts singing this song about a woman with long hair that he wants to kiss. He says the song is about me. I tell him: ‘Nope! Not me.’”

Look at that intensity even at 92! Such pristine love. I hope there’s isn’t the last generation to get to feel it!

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