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Boyfriend Caught her Girlfriend Cheating After Seeing The Saucy Pics That She Had Send

Boyfriend noticed something suspicious in the nudes
However, the excitement didn’t last for a longer time. The carefree girlfriend did a major mistake while clicking the pics. She was so much into sexting that she didn’t see what Liam’s eyes noticed.
He noticed a bag in her selfie which he knew wasn’t hers. What next? This was enough for him to realize that she has been cheating him. He came up with a brilliant idea to caught her.
He called her cheater and asked her his room number. The frustrated Jackie wasn’t left with no choice than to give her room number. However, she tried to be over smart by asking him to call to her room number if he has any doubt on her.
Called the hotel reception
Instead of calling to her extension he called the reception. He enquired as if she is staying at their hotel. But what followed next shocked him. The room number which Jackie told him was actually booked at Jackie’s boss name.
That’s it. There was no more proof required to prove that Jackie was cheating on him with her boss.
The angry boyfriend ended the conversation by saying: “All your s*** will be waiting outside for you in trash bags when you get back. Have fun f***ing Tom. And F*** YOU”. We are wondering now what has actually happened to Jackie when she returned from her so called Business trip.

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