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Can You Guess What #MadNomad Cemora’s Next EuroTrip Stop Is Going To Be?

London ✔ . Italy ✔ . Spain ✔ . Romania ✔ . Berlin ✔ . Next ⁇
It’s been almost a month we are going green with envy upon seeing #MadNomad Cemora’s Insta-Twitter travel feed. 🌍 She is touring Europe like a boss and we are having such inexplicable travel urge. ✈
For quite a while now, we all have been wondering who Cemora is and have been following her travels on social media, diligently. We could only crack that her wanderlust takes her to amazing places and she’s friends with Twitterati, celebrities, telly-towners and Instagrammers.

Also, Cemora’s got an alluring voice which is piquing interests in her followers.

Image Source

They just love her voice.

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And, people are urging her to put a face to that mystifying voice.

Image Source

Now, Cemora is teasing us further about her next Euro Trip stop. She just posted a cryptic GIF, which when cracked will reveal her next destination.

Yeah, pictures speak a thousand words, but for a change, let the numbers do the talking. :P  

Damn! What is it? I am so at it but still can’t figure it out. 😌 Can you guess where the #MadNomad is off to next?

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