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CCD Lady Staff Slaps Customer After He Spots Over 10 Cockroaches Breeding In Their Fridge

Image result for CCD Lady Staff Slaps Customer After He Spots Over 10 Cockroaches Breeding In Their FridgeCafe Coffee Day – A LOT can happen over a cup of coffee.
For example, cockroaches in your food, slaps from the staff and god knows what else. ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN. It says so on the Company logo at every CCD outlet.
Just like this guy who found out quite literally in Jaipur –

A customer spotted cockroaches living in the refrigerated counter of one of the Cafe Coffee Day’s outlets in Jaipur. What’s more, when the customer pointed it out, the service lady walked over and slapped him! Watch the video –

The customer used absolutely NO foul language. He just pointed out on camera how the CCD staff was actually hiding the cockroaches under menu cards.
This is the same counter where CCD usually stores its cakes and other delicious food items. Obviously, if you find cockroaches in the same counter, you would be disgusted too.

What’s even more repelling about the whole incident is, that even after the complainant told them about the cockroaches, the CCD staff kept serving the food from the same fridge.

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That’s when the complainant lost it and recorded the whole fiasco. And that’s why he was slapped.

He tweeted to CCD too, but to no avail. CCD pretended to be oblivious to the whole incident and kept posting the usual humdrum.

CCD has still not responded to the queries and tweets by the complainant. Nor has the Twitter handle of Department Of Consumer Affairs.
Even though the whole cockroach incident is regretful, the customer should NOT have been slapped for pointing out the bugs. And they certainly should not have continued serving the food items that may have been contaminated by the cockroaches.
Please be wary when you go out to eat at such stores and specifically ask, if the food they serve is fresh and hygienic.

News Source – Twitter

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